The UK's Roughest Wetherspoons

Download: The UK's Roughest Wetherspoons

Rob and Callum pondering life’s big questions on this new music podcast like ‘who is carrying a swiss army knife these days?’, ‘what is the UK’s roughest wetherspoons?’ and ‘why is ratboy sampled on that new Kendrick album?’ We go deep into these questions and soundtrack the thing with newest and bestest deep cuts we’ve heard this week.
With afro-rock-funk from Songhoy Blues, psychobilly surf rock from Animal Camera, acoustic folk shredding from James Elkington, UK Jazz from Ruby Rashton and emanative plus loads more of that good shit.
Grab a funny worm and enjoy.


Download: asmr

Callum and Rob present their many personalities in a podcast with 12 songs that soundtrack these many different personas from hardened ex-con to sophisticated jazz man to the lonely wanderer.
Ace tunes this week come from Manchester’s own cosmic Hazlewood voiced cowboy Nev Cottee, Falmouth’s best kept punk secret The Red Cords, jazz super duo Hampshire & Foat plus punk from Vertigo, Crazy Horse rock from David Arvedon and the Psychopaths and more.

The Basement You Came From

Download: The Basement You Came From

Rob and Callum are back with some ITHB gold, treading on that well-trodden podcast path of easy soft targets from shows gone by so expect some nostalgic hot takes.
Music this week is gold-standard but fresh as the latest ITHB (this one) with some lo-fi-glam-sex-rock from The Muff Divers, nerdgaze from Smidley, some Big Star Third’esque indie from Sandy’s and a little psychedelic trip from Kikagaku Moyo. There’s also jazz, hardcore punk and that real authentic bandcamp indie – give us a listen.

Racer Snakes & Iguanas

Download: Racer Snakes & Iguanas

Rob and Callum are back on the Monday with a new music podcast, talking about them fresh tunes but also asking the deep questions like 'are you a racer snake or iguana' - there is a right answer. You good eggs will enjoy the shimmering guitar of Psychic Shakes, the seductive guitar picking of Kevin Krauter, that proggy psych stuff from The Winstons, the heavy latin funk of Ghost Funk Orchestra and yeah, some power pop from MAMA. There's other songs too, just take a listen and say 'yeah, good tunes, lads' on social media.