If There is Hell Below (est. 2010) is a weekly new music podcast presented by two best pals Rob Morgan and Callum Eckersley. Each week they bring in 12 new tracks, have a few beers, chat about their favourite finds of the week and joke about life.

If There Is Hell Below... Hardcore Lite


If There Is Hell Below...

Hardcore Lite



Callum and Rob are back from a week off, after a heady weekend in Berlin, which is like East London without that trademark grey sky which has swallowed up the UK sky. You can expect the kind of optimism and joy for music you’d expect from a podcast where only blue sky ideals reign.

These beams of joy radiate from power-pop elite Pujol, the Soundcarriers and their sunshine-exotica-library-jazz and from the timeless sound of Lee Field & The Expressions. There’s psych from Circulatory System, jangle from Melted Toys and classic punk from Hard Left.

There’s plenty more inside; make a friend with us today.

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