If There is Hell Below (est. 2010) is a weekly new music podcast presented by two best pals Rob Morgan and Callum Eckersley. Each week they bring in 12 new tracks, have a few beers, chat about their favourite finds of the week and joke about life.

If There Is Hell Below... Glass Coffin


If There Is Hell Below... Glass Coffin



Cremation or burial? OR a third exciting option of corpse disposal, it’s revolutionary and WILL change the way you plan for your death ceremony.

It’s all revealed in this the last podcast proper before the Good Shit 2013 podcasts (will be up on December 6



Music this week comes from Angel Olson and her exciting heavier musical direction, Expwy and his DIY-pop which is proving the perfect filler for that Shins void left in our hearts, hip hop from Dudley Perkins, Shane Kidd and beat tape extracts from the new Tasty Morsels comp and Falside.

There’s more inside, take a listen, we’ll be back in a fortnight with our favourite tracks of the year.

If There Is Hell Below... Good Shit '13: Tracks

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