If There is Hell Below (est. 2010) is a weekly new music podcast presented by two best pals Rob Morgan and Callum Eckersley. Each week they bring in 12 new tracks, have a few beers, chat about their favourite finds of the week and joke about life.

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... High on Royalty




The diamond is in place and the intergalactic warlords are readying themselves. Meanwhile, the Rob of the proud and noble Morgan clan teams with Callum of the cowardly, snake-like McClean family for a music podcast.  There is talk again of the celebration of archaic Royal rule and then we talk about HBO’s Game of Thrones .  

Music wise: The National lead the way with a song used in the ‘nerdiest show on television’, Young Guv and The Scuzz are the new punk pie for Fucked Up guitarist Ben Cook to put his finger in,  K-Holes provide some sax and fuzz garage punk, Danny Brown features in a new track from House Shoes and Milky Onions provide another freak-pop earworm.

There’s also cosmic jazz, italo-funk soundtrack styling’s from Tensei, Jesse Futerman and a Fela Kuti cover charity track by Tune-Yards, Questlove and friends.

High on Royalty


If There Is Hell Below Podcast



If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Respect The Fly Shit

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Perfect Seed