If There is Hell Below (est. 2010) is a weekly new music podcast presented by two best pals Rob Morgan and Callum Eckersley. Each week they bring in 12 new tracks, have a few beers, chat about their favourite finds of the week and joke about life.

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Celebrate the spectacle not the content



Rob and Callum have blown the podcast budget on something that will simply blow your minds. You may ask 'what's the point?' but you'd be wrong, you'd be a square and here on the podcast we're all about wheels - reinventing them. We deliver some feverish punk from Mean Jeans, Pow, Nobunny and then some balearic dub house infected afrobeat in the form of a Seun Kuti remix and dead-eyed disco house from No Gold. There's some of that next level shit from BADBADNOTGOOD and something brand new from The Walkmen. How's that wheel looking?

Celebrate the spectacle not the content


If There Is Hell Below Podcast




Monophonics Feat. Fanny Franklin – All Together

Punks on Mars – She’s a Glitterpunk

Twin Cabins – Cool Kids

BADBADNOTGOOD – Earl (feat. Leland Whitty)

Seun Kuti – The Good Leaf (Spoek Mothambo Remix)

The Pows – Female Fantasy

Mean Jeans – Hangin’ Tough

Deep Time – Clouds

No Gold – Good & Bad

Black Manila – Fiasco

Nobunny – At The Mall

The Walkmen - Remember

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... My Money doesn't jiggle jiggle... It Folds

If There Is Hell Below... Remove the Syllables