If There is Hell Below (est. 2010) is a weekly new music podcast presented by two best pals Rob Morgan and Callum Eckersley. Each week they bring in 12 new tracks, have a few beers, chat about their favourite finds of the week and joke about life.

If There Is Hell Below... a scarred ball of nothingness

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Jiminy jillickers, the If There Is Hell Below is back. It's just Rob at the moment with a trunk of tunes and deep questions, he's a deep man asking the big 'uns. Don't be scared though we got new music from Bill Callaghan, Belong and Jeremiah Jae mixing with Native American psych from XIT, the sound of space in 1951, Psychedelic Horseshit and more besides.

A scarred ball of nothingness by If There Is Hell Below Podcast on Mixcloud


Attileo "Art" Mineo - Century 21

Psychedelic Horseshit - French Countryside

Jeremiah Jae - Kings Bop

The Music Emporium - Nam Myo Renge Kyo

Greatest Hits - 10 Little Indians

John Lennon - Cathy's Clown

Belong - Never Came Close

XIT - I Was Raised

Happy End - Haikara Beautiful

Charles Miller - Black Nursery

Exile One - Funky Cookie

Bill Callahan - Baby's Breath

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Dip-lipling-chuairs

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... like a VHS containing footage of how you're going to die