Music to get a Tattoo To.


Soz, for the delay, your boyrs Rob and Callum are back with some music, some hot takes and a good old discussion on the internet (is it a good thing or a bad thing, with your Dad as a special guest). There's bare good guitar pop from Adrian Teacher & The Subs, The Goon Sax, Pre Nup and Donny Love, real stick to the ribs good stuff. Also some hip hop at the top from Homeboy Sandman & Egon, some power-punk from Jack Goldstein and of course jazz stuff from Dinosaur. #usetheinternettogiveus5star



We’re back in the swing, we really hope you enjoy a nice little rambly ITHB podcast, because that’s what ya got brothers and sisters.
There’s music too, we chat about that a bit.
The tunes are real strong: there’s some blaxploitation funk from Ghost Funk Orchestra,
supreme bedroom pop songwriting from Most Likely, dusty jazz from Annabel (lee), garage power pop from Susan, some real nice songwriting from Kevin Devine and more.
Trust us with your ears and minds.